Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Cabinets 2021 | Complete Buyer Guide

Home renovation has always been tension for the owners because there are millions of ideas available in markets. But there are still some cheap and valuable things you can do to change your house’s look. Start by painting the most prominent object of your house, especially the kitchen, the cabinets. Even if the wood gets old, a new contrast of cabinets and wall colour with the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets can give a whole new look to cabinets and the entire house. Get a clean, smooth look with the best handheld airless paint sprayer at home.

As these are easy-to-use paint sprayers.

I am going to break this article into two sections:

  1. Best handheld airless paint sprayer
  2. How to choose the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets 


The ideal and most compatible paint sprayer is a handheld airless paint sprayer. These are the most suitable sprayers for both professional users and home-based DIYers. It comes as 

  • Single-speed turbine 
  • Variable speed turbine 

Both the airless paints make it the most portable acrylic or latex paint sprayer. These are portable and way better than roller or brush paints. Let’s see my two top picks of best handheld airless paint sprayer in both single-speed turbine and variable speed turbine.

Single-speed turbine paint sprayers:

Least complicated sprayers, so these are best for beginner painters. All you need is to fill up the paint tank, switch on the gun, and you are good to go. These paint sprayers need no pressure adjusting. Which gives a specific speed limit, but a beginner DIYer can still get smooth paint at a constant speed. 

best airless paint sprayer for cabinets

HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer is great for beginners and experts alike when painting and refinishing furniture, kitchen cabinets, trim, and more! This versatile sprayer applies a smooth finish and can be used with chalk and milk paint, latex paints, enamels, primers, 


These handheld paint sprayers are small in size, so great for art and craft. Without tiring your arm, these lightweight sprayers give a perfect finish. Also, the design is quite simple that allows you to clean the sprayer easily. As these are the smallest of handheld paint sp, the power cord is also of small length, so for that, you might need an extension cord.


These lightweight, small container sprayers are good to go for low-task DIYers, and home crafting as these are the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets, drawers, and even doors. Although these are pressure content sprayers, variable flow control of a 0.84-quart cup provides up to 70 square feet. These sprayers are wholly affordable and come with a warranty, so you won’t need to worry about replacements. 

best airless paint sprayer for cabinets

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint or Stain Sprayer,

The Control Spray Max provides a smooth, consistent finish in less time than traditional painting methods. The controls give you the ability to adjust based on the project you’re working on and the type of material being used, which are features that a spray can or brush can’t offer!


The next sprayer in my list of best handheld airless paint sprayers is an essential, quicker touch Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max. In the handheld sprayers market, these are suitable for small task painting like furniture painting and walls at a faster speed than rollers. These are two-stage sprayer that gives a smooth finish with latex but might not give these results with oil paints as it results in clog formation. They can also perform medium-sized projects with speed 5x faster as compared to traditional brushes and roller.

Variable speed airless paint turbine:

Pressure level adjustments allow you to perform medium to heavy projects with a variable speed turbine handheld airless paint sprayer. Dense painting with less spillage of paint are the key benefits of these sprayers.

best airless paint sprayer for cabinets

Wagner 052986 Flexio 2000 HVLP Sprayer

The FLEXiO 2000 paints a wall 8 times faster than a brush, saving time and effort. Big surface projects like walls, ceilings, exterior siding, and fences get a consistent finish with any coating.  With improved pattern design and spray control,


With a rating of 4.7 on Amazon, Wagner FLEXiO 2000 provides full coverage. It has an X boost feature that allows you to change the pressure and speed of paint output to adjust it according to your needs. It allows a DIYer enthusiast to tailor the viscosity of the paint he wants on the wall. Some users suggest this variable speed turbine sprayer can pain 8c faster than a standard brush or a roller. These paints have the con that they come with only one nozzle, so you need to buy additional nozzles for the sprayer after some time. 


Best handheld airless paint sprayer category one that was single speed turbine sprayer usually falls for the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets designed for home DIYers and crafts. But they’re still a few things you need to consider before buying an airless sprayer.

Project size:

First, you need to understand when you have decided to paint cabinets or furniture. You don’t need a powerful, high-pressure, or high-speed sprayer because the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets could work better at a constant speed without the overspray and excessive spillage of paint. It would cause the wasting of your paints. Look for a low-speed sprayer that is also cheap but does the job quite well. 

Paint or coating material for cabinets:

You can paint cabinets with almost any type of paint, be it latex or acrylic, but the finishing touch is done through varnishes. When buying a sprayer for your cabinets or furniture, the nozzle and tip of the sprayer match with the paint; otherwise, it would create a clog, and it would give no adequate coverage. 

Easy to use and easy to clean:

Unlike powerful and high-pressure airless paint sprayer, a typical and casual user don’t want to burden himself with a hefty manual and proper maintenance of sprayers. Early DIYers would never look for cleanness options and features of a sprayer. When you use an airless paint sprayer, it needs to be cleaned after every use. If you don’t clean, the spray gun, nozzle, or tip would never work the same, and after some time, it might stop working. So the best airless paint sprayer for cabinets is the one that is easy to clean. Please don’t spend a lot on buying heavy machinery sprayers as it would require a lot of head-scratching to use. 

Tip or nozzle size of sprayer:

Many traditional HVLP sprayers used air caps that did not allow the paint to diffuse properly through the sprayer gun. The best airless paint sprayer for cabinets uses a nozzle and tips. Tips sizes determine how much paint output you want at a time. It determines how wide the tip size should be to supply paint at a distance of 12 inches. 425 tip will apply an 8-inch wide fan of paint from 12 inches away. You need to check tip sizes before buying a sprayer.

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